The SC38 is our universal Lead Acid & Lithium charger in our new SC-Power line up of products.

It is suitable for most applications on smaller applications (Motor Cycles, Scooters, Garden Machinery, Leisure Boats) or any vehicle with a battery size upto approximately 120 Ah.

This charger is fully "Automatic" for 6V/12V Lead Acid batteries and for all 12V Lithium LifePO4 starting batteries. This charger has the ability to reverse "Sulfation" in most cases on 12V batteries..

CAN-Bus Function:- Unlike many conventional chargers, the SC38 communicates with the new BMW electrical circuit to reconnect the CAN-Bus controlled socket when the ignition is switched off and allows the battery to be charged through this CAN-Bus socket

Applications :-  For all Lead Acid Batteries (Conventional / GEL/AGM) upto approx 120Ah and 12V Lithium LifePO4 batteries

Input Voltage :- 100-240 V AC Universal

Output Voltage:- 6V or 12 V selectable

Output Current:- 6V upto 0.8A    12V 0.8/3.8A selectable

Charging Profile:- The SC38, utilising it's advanced microprocessor control performs upto 9 different charging / inspection / maintenance functions on 12 volt batteries. This is reduced to 4 functions on a 6V battery. In most cases the SC38 will reverse the effects of "Sulfation" on the plates

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating:- IP65

Safety Features:- Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit, Spark Proof, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection and Auto-Stop

Certification:- CE Approved, RoHS Compliant

Dimensions:- L 156mm W 98.6mm H 50.2mm

Weight:- 530 grammes

 This product is "CE" Compliant and comes with a "5 Year Warranty"