SCB55 Pro Jump Starter - Currently Awaiting Stock

The SCB55 Pro Jump Starter is a 5.5Ah Lithium Jump Starter with "Battery Management System" (BMS)

Designed for professional use, it is compact, lightweight and powerful.

The SCB55 is designed on a "Safety First" philosophy, where we have a "Patent Pending"  "BMS" which protects the unit against Overcharge, Overheating, Over Discharge, Reverse Polarity, Sparking and Short circuits. All this is contained in a "Flame Retardant" case.

The SCB55 has been designed for Automotive Professionals and can start petrol engines upto 4000cc and diesel engines upto 2000cc

With a lightweight design - 810 grammes and being very opwerful, it also has the option of a "Memory Data Saver" using the OBDII Cable, which can be used during vehicle battery replacement.

The unit also comes with an LED Flashlight and an Emergency Strobe light as an additional night time safety warning for users

The units is supplied in a high quality - thermo formed storage bag.

Internal Batteries :- Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries

Peak Current:- 750 Amp

Output Voltage :- 12V 5.5 Ah

USB Output :- 5V 2.1 A

Memory Data Saver:- Yes (OBDII Cable provided)

Battery Charge Indicator - Yes

LED Lighting :- Yes

Weak Battery Function :- A manual over ride button is provided for extra starting power for heavily discharged batteries

Safety Features:- 

  • Male / Female connectors to eliminate incorrect connections
  • Insulated and strengthened clamps
  • Cable by-pass in clamps to distribute current whilst starting
  • Patented BMS to manage and protect the lithium cells
  • 94V-0 Flame Retardant Case
  • .Protection against Overcharge, Overheating, Over Discharge, Reverse Polarity, Sparking and Short circuits

Certifications:- CE, RoHS

Recharge Time @ 20 Deg :- 40 min

Interval between recharges :- upto 1 year

Jump Start Capacity after full Charge :- Upto 10 starts depending on state of charge of vehicle battery etc.

Applications :- Jump Start of all vehicles equipped with a 12V Lead Acid Batteries upto 4000 cc petrol and 2000cc diesel and also provides remote power to recharge a wide range of devices.....phones, tablets etc

Nett Weight :- 810 grammes

Dimensions :- L 192mm x W 135mm x h 45mm

Cable Section :- 10 sq mm

Cable Length :- 400mm

Supplied with :- Thermoformed Storage Bag & Accessories